We are excited to offer this service to more people and help you look fly while wearing your favorite shoes. 

Sophia Manning

CEO, Blingifly

Sophia is currently studying Civil Engineering at Howard University and has a passion for transforming ordinary shoes into stylish and unique footwear. At Blingifly, our model is to customize and "bling out" your footwear or Crocs, making them stand out and giving you a chance to express your personality through your shoes.

"My name is Sophia Manning and I am the President of Blingifly, a company I founded with our President, Katrina Manning on 4/28/2022."

Katrina Manning

President, Blingifly

Katrina Manning has a BA degree in business and is an entrepreneur at heart. She loves fashion and was inspired by her daughter's college students spending 80% of their time on campus wearing Crocs, so we decided to cater to their desire to be stylish, and that is how we founded Blingifly. Founded in 4/28/2022 I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and our company, Blingifly.